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Mathews Phosa Boarding High School

  • The selection of the right boarding school to suit your child’s personality and interests are one of the difficult decisions a parent can make. Mathews Phosa Boarding High School endeavours to place the individual needs a priority to ensure that parents make informed decisions.


  • Our boarding facilities ensure that our pupils lead in the arena of academics encompassing environmental and personal wellness, we are proud of our traditional values and encourage innovative minds, our approach to education allows our pupils to find meaning and build their understanding in which they live through their own exploration and discovery.


  • Mathews Phosa Boarding High School in South Africa has boarding facilities that are homely and comfortable. Boys and girls hostels are separate and are manned by a matron and boarding master with the assistance of live in educators, study sessions done in the hostel are monitored by teachers who not only monitor the study sessions but are available to give assistance where necessary.

Boarding School Facilities

  • Our boarding catering is outsourced to a professional catering firm and all meals are served in the dining hall. Learners with special dietary requirements are catered for if the manager has been informed in writing.


  • Our boarding high school has fully equipped state of the art laboratories for Physical Science and Life, it has a learner operated weather station on site for our Geography learners, learners who specialize in computer applications also have full access to the media centre. At the core of teaching and learning in the school is the library and audio-visual unit, the library is integrated with every classroom in the school making sure learners have access to the relevant learning material at all times.